Declaration of National Federation of Amazigh Associations on the Analysis of the Periodical Universal Review

As a continuation of its defence, protection, development and promotion of Tamazight in Morocco, and in reaction to the progress of the preparation, presentation and discussion of the government’s report related to the third round of the Periodical Universal Review held in the 27thedition of Human Rights Council on May 2nd2017;

In evaluation of the outcome of its participation in the preparation rounds and the works of the review, the National Federation of Amazigh associations in Morocco declares the following:

Its denial of the content of the proposal of the Moroccan delegation president “State Ministerin charge of Human Rights” and his accompanying delegation in the issues related to the Amazigh Language and Cultural rights;

We totally express our refusal of:

  • The responses of the Moroccan delegation president which are far from the principle and universality of human rights and the provisions of the new constitution; Here is a quote of his response: “Morocco like other Islamic and Arab countries is based on Religious principles …”
  • The use of religious and ethnic perspectives, which is considered as a violation of the principles of the institution he represents as these principles are commitments of the State with regard Human Rights;
  • His denial of the engagements of Morocco in the field of Human Rights such as the harmony of the national Legal institution with the international engagements through suggesting draft laws to amend the legislations which are not in harmony with the international conventions;
  • Non implementation of the new constitution provisions stipulating that Tamazight is a State language and the affiliation of Morocco to the Maghreb and African space.

The federation expresses its gratitude to ten countries for their efforts and recommendations, and their harmony with some of the recommendations of our parallel report. The federation calls upon all the components of the social Amazigh movement to continue their work to concretize the recommendations related to language and cultural and Tamazight rights, which are as follows:

Country Recommendations
Austria Promoting the situations of Amazigh people. Morocco has to take the complementary measures to use Tamazight in Administrations and justice services
Bangladesh Morocco has to make efforts to promote Tamazight and the cultural heritage of Amazigh people and protect it.
Honduras Promotion of the constitutional recognition of Tamazight
Burundi Morocco has to adopt Tamazight and protect its culture
Sierra Leone Development of the protection of Tamazight
Mexico Provide legislative and political measures to protect Amazigh population on all levels and guarantee their participation in the cultural life.
Vietnam Protection of the economic and cultural rights
Guinea Put all languages and cultures of Morocco into action
Djibouti Accelerating the promotion of economic, social and cultural rights.
Hungary Protection of the rights of native people of Morocco.


Federal Office of National Federation of Amazigh Associations in Morocco (FNAA)

Rabat on 28/05/2017