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 Content of the flyer



  • Organization of education program on networking in 5 regions of Morocco
  • Organization of education program on advocacy in 5 regions of Morocco
  • Organization of networking meetings with government representatives in different regions of Morocco.
  • Organization of education program for 12 FNAA journalists.
  • Setting up of Amazigh Intelligence Think Tank (AITT)
  • Launching of the FNAA website, FNAA TV on yutube & FNAA social media club
  • Launching of the Amazigh book club


  • Influence powerful people and policy decision makers on democratic values.
  • Change the public attitude and behaviors towards Amazigh culture.
  • Efficiently communicate for the promotion of cultural and linguistic diversity in Morocco
  • Efficiently operate in 21st century publishing tools
  • Create FNAA network of social media users to encourage participatory democracy to promote cultural and linguistic diversity
  • Learn about the cultural and linguistic diversity through education books in Amazigh
  • Advancing public education and institutional changes for democracy and cultural diversity in Morocco



  • North & North East : Oujda, Nador, Huceima…
  • South : Agadir, Tiznit, Bouygra, Ifni, Assa, Goulmime…
  • South East : Ourzazat, Zagora, Errachidia, Goulmima, Merzouga…
  • Middle Atlas & Central Region: Meknes, Fes, El Hajeb, Rabat , Casablanca…
  • Top Atlas & Tansift : Marrakech, Beni Mellal, Demnat, Tahnaout, Amzmiz, Ait Ourir…


Target audience:

  • Participants from civil society: Human rights and Amazigh activists
  • FNAA members (women and men)
  • CSO coordinators
  • Local authorities and government representatives


Summary of the project:

“Promotion of democracy & cultural diversity in Morocco” is a public awareness initiative, designed by “the national federation of Amazigh Associations” and sponsored by “US Middle East Partnership Initiative”, whose objective is to change the public attitude towards Amazighs and to promote the Amazigh identity. The project aims also to engage locally based CSOs for cultural diversity and democratic values through networking and advocacy activities, capacity building, and public awareness strategies.