In a global context affected by the ideological and sectarian violence, and in an ambiguous national context with an official recognition of the Amazigh (Berber) language in July 2011, the Amazigh identity has not seen any positive change. Worse, the governmental actor’s actions tend towards extremism, intolerance and racism consecration.

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            In Hospitality of Tigzirt Association of Mogador (Essaouira) town, the sixth meeting of the Federal office of the National Federation of Amazigh associations was organized on Saturday, July 16, 2016 in session baptized “Ihahan meeting”.

            After studying the agenda issues presented by the federal office, concerning the situation of the Moroccan Amazigh identityand the human rights during the last six months, we notice that the government ignores completely all Amazigh movement initiatives and demands related to the implementation of the requirements mentioned in both the universal human Rights declaration and in the Moroccan Constitution.  This government devalues all Moroccan Constitution items related to the language, culture and the Amazigh civilization. The FNAA federal council had also debated on the FNAA moral and financial report and the establishment of the Second Congress preparatory committee.

The federal council of the National Federation of Amazigh associations stated the following:

  • Its intention, through the federal office, to send a letter to the King of Morocco under the requirements of article 49 of the constitution, to express our total rejection of all what was prepared in an arbitrary manner by the head of the government without consulting the Amazigh movement on the draft organic law which will give effect to the official nature of the Amazigh language.
  • Its rejection and condemnation of all withdrawals series of the Amazigh few achievements in the new Constitution. This government must assume its total responsibility for the Amazigh discrimination and denigration. On this occasion, the federal council renewed his claims for a positive interaction with the FNAA memoranda advocacy recommendations to improve the Amazigh language and identity status in public media, as well as with the UN Human Rights Committee recommendations, such as the recommendations reported by Ms. Farida Shaheed concerning cultural and Amazigh linguistic rights. In addition, of FNAA advocacy recommendations concerning the activation of the Officialization of Amazigh language inMoroccan justice filed.
  • Its support for citizens demands in the areas of: Imider, Tafraout, Ait Souab, Ihahan, Azilal, … and other areas where people are victims of a violation of their legitimate economic and social rights.
  • Its support for the feminist movement demands that wants to sit fair and just laws ending discrimination based on sex, language or culture.
  • Its solidarity with associations subject to legal existence ban as is the case of “Adhar n UbaranaTamsaman” Association in the Rif region, and “Izuran” association in the Anti-Atlas region.
  • The creation of a preparatory committee that handles the organization of the FNAA second congress planed at the end of this year, 2016.
  • The condemnation of all forms of terrorism that people suffer from around the world.
  • Its solidarity with the French people about Nice latest attacks.
  • It is following with concern the tracks counter-violence that the Turkish government proceed against those it accuses of masterminding the recent attempted coup. We hope that the human rights NGO work in order to tip the respect of human rights.
  • The federal Council rejects all actions aimed at turning the country of Amazigh into a large dustbin of the world’s waste.
  • The federal council of the national federation of Amazigh associations reminds all national and international organizations that all FNAA associations stick toall Amazigh movement claims.It declares the beginning of associative and popular activation of the official character of the Amazigh language in Morocco, and calls on all civil and human rights entities, groups, individuals, or institutions, to be engaged in this great national project.


FNAA Federal council

Essaouira/Mogador July 16th, 2016


FNAA Associations membres

Order Region/Town Associationmember Name
1 Agadir Centre Tafoukt
2 Agadir Takfarinas
3 Aguelmim Izouran
4 Ait ansar Ait Ansar
5 Alnif Tamounte
6 Amzmiz Izourane
7 Amzmiz Taskiwine
8 Azilal Itrane
9 Azilal Tada
10 Azilal Titrit
11 Azilal Réseau TADDA
12 Ben Hsiyya Anya
13 Ben Tayeb Bouya
14 Ben Tayeb Tifawine
15 Ben Tayeb Twiza
16 Bigra Asigle
17 Bouizakaren Alternatif Anwal
18 Bouizakaren Bouizakaren pour le développement
19 Bouizakaren Espace Sud
20 Bouizakaren Forum Iffus
21 Bouizakaren Tafsoute
22 Bouyzakaren  Forum sud pour la démocratie et droits de l’homme
23 Dchaira Igroumaai
24 Dchaira Usman
25 Dchaira Jeunes démocratie
26 Dchaira Action alternative jeunesse
27 Demenate Anarouz
28 Drouich Tawmat
29 Elhajeb Achabar
30 Errachadia Talwat
31 Errachidia Oukit
32 Essaouira Tigzirt
33 Goulmima Oasis mélodies
34 Goulmima Tara pour le tourisme
35 Guelmim Izouran
36 Hoceima RIF SIGLO XXI
37 Hoceima Tamazgha
38 Hoceima Tamazgha
39 Hessiya Agrulihssiya
40 Ifrane anti atlas Inbdaden
41 Ifrane anti atlas Jeunes pour la communication
42 Ifrane anti atlas Taghouni
43 Ijoukak Amud
44 Imiougadir Touzounin
45 Imiougadir Tiwizi
46 Imiougadir Association AFRAK
47 Imjjad sidi ifni Imazzlen
48 Imjjadd – Tighirt Imazzalen
49 Khmisset Jeunes avocats
50 Khmisset MohmedElkamel
51 Marrakech IMAL
52 Marrakech les enseignants de l’Amazigh
53 Marrakech Tizilat
54 Midelt Tirssal
55 Mrirt Ait sidi youssef
56 Nador Alternatif des jeunnes
57 Nador Ass.fadae
58 Nador Ussan
59 Ouarzazate Tawada
60 Ouarzazate Tendarte
61 Oujda TamountBani
62 Oujda Tihiya
63 Oulmes Itihadboukchmir
64 Rabat Azetta Amazighe
65 Rabat Bougafer
66 Rabat La voix la femme amazighe
67 Rabat Challa
68 Rabat Darnegh
69 Tahla Adrar
70 Tanalt Tiwizi
71 Tanalt awsat
72 Taza Anir
73 Temara AuzarnImal
74 Temara Les enseignants de l’Amazigh
75 Tiddas ReseauTagourt
76 Tiddas Tagourt Atlas
77 Tighdouine Yagour
78 Tighdouine Imedghas
79 Timoulay TimoulayOufella
80 Tiznit AfoussghOfous
81 Tiznit Ajdig
82 Tiznit Amoudaglou
83 Tiznit Tandaft
84 Tiznit Tiwizi
85 Zghanghan Ihdjan
86 Demnate Agwdal pour la culture et le développement
87 Ifrane (anti-Atlas) ReseauIzelmiImejjad