The National Federation of Amazigh Associations in Morocco “FNAA” wishes to express its solidarity with the victims of the terrorist and barbarian attacks, perpetrated on Monday December 19, 2016, killing 12 persons and  wounded 48 others in Berlin where a truck has ploughed into Christmas market crowd.

We have learned with consternation these terrorist attacks which are in fact the expected continuation of previous barbaric massacres committed and assumed by fanatics who claim Islamic “Jihad”. The last similar carnage dates back to July 14 of the same year, when 86 innocent civilians were killed in Nice town in France. This “Jihadism” officially advocates the hatred of the non-Muslim by erecting homophobia as an institutionalized dogma. This, deeply anti-Semitic and segregationist ideological current,is supported and taught in the schools of certain states, which unfortunately, have good relations with Europe, especially with Germany where some schools teach, indoctrinate and recruit future terrorists.

These schools, which instead of teaching the generous reception policy of the German people, which opened the doors of Germany to nearly a million applicants for protection and asylum; these schools continue to teach the liberticidalIslamic Jihad, even within Germany.

The states, designers of these indoctrinationdestructiveprogramsare known. They close their borders in front of the waves of theirdistressed “brothers” and urge them to take refuge in Europe.

These dictatorial states condemn terrorism on every tragic occasion, butat the same time are authorizing the daily Jihad call in their mosques and under their authorities. They have long played a hypocritical double game that the German people and all the Western peoples must denounce to their political leaders.

Democracy, secularism, freedoms and human rights valuesare threatened by the murderous fury of those fanatics who seek to impose their exclusivist and hegemonic law on the rest of the world.

Therefore, aware of their multi-millennial cultural profound values, conscious of the Islamization and forced Arabizationevilsfrom that have suffered the Amazigh people for centuries in North Africa, Amazighs have always been present to denounce the Terrorist acts in New York, Boston, Tunis, Paris, Brussels, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Ankara and elsewhere.

On this mourning occasion, in the face of these barbaric and blind acts, we consider it our duty to express the unwavering attachment of the Amazigh people to their profound values; And we call the citizens loving freedom and democracy, wherever they are,to more promote freedom, democracy and secularism values that these criminals and their sponsors seek to abolish through terror.

The German people are called to mobilize all their forces alongside the democrats fighting around the world in order to get their leaders to act for the eradication of the Islamist Jihadism whose terrorism constitutes the armed arm.


Rabat December 26,2016

The National Federation of Amazigh Associations in Morocco “FNAA”