Statement of solidarity in support of Kurdish people right to self-determination


The Kurdish holocaust orchestrated by

Arabo-Islamic Movement  Sinjar 2017-2014


The Kurdish Holocaust orchestrated by 

Arabo-Nationalist Movement Halabja March 16-17, 1988

Statement of solidarity in support of  Kurdish people right to self-determination

The Federal Office of the National Federation of Amazigh Associations in Morocco (FNAA) follows the decision of the South Kurdistan Region Presidency to hold a referendum on September 25, 2017 for Kurdish people to have a say on whether they should be independent or not.

After the federal office evocation of:

  • Those who tried to confiscate the Kurdish people identity, culture and language throughout history and those who conspired with them from Western Europe in the disastrous historic agreement,
  • The genocide suffered by the Kurdish people throughout history orchestrated by all the ethnic states that settled their homeland, such as Turkmen, Arabs and Persians,
  • The Kurdish genocide in Halabja on March 16-17, 1988 by Iraqi Arab Baath National Party led by Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi president and the political symbol of his support then by all Arab regimes and some Arab human rights NGO,
  • The second Kurdish genocide in 2014-2017 orchestrated by ISIS the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (the state of the second Islamic Caliphate) under the leadership of Caliph Abu Bakr II in the province of Sinjar supported by the Arab regimes, an organization that neither Arab nor Islamic NGO did condemn at that time, including arabo-nationalist, Islamo-brotherhood and Islamo-Salafist Moroccan NGO,
  • The indigenous Yazidi Kurdish people betrayal by a large part of the Sinjar population although they peacefully lived with them for centuries,
  • The Arab and Islamic NGO double standards towards Halabja and Sinjar genocide crimes,
  • The current Iraqi & Kurdistan governments non-productive relations which caused significant losses to the Kurdish region, like the Iraqi government’s law that imposes to the international military aid to be airlifted in Baghdad before being sent by land to Kurdistan despite the lack of time when they are devoured by Allah soldiers of the so-called Islamic Caliphate State ,

Therefore, the Federal Office of the National Federation of Amazigh Associations FNAA:

  1. Declares its principled support for the right of the Kurdish people to self-determination and calls for respect for the General Assembly resolution of 11/10/1975, which affirmed the importance of recognizing the people self-determination and national sovereignty rights, and calls for the Kurdish people freedom respect and non-interference in its sovereign decisions,
  2. Declares to the Kurdish people in all of Great Kurdistan and all over the world that if they had no friends other than Kurdistan mountains in the past, today they have friends all over the world headed by the Amazigh people all over North Africa,

Rabat September 6th 2017

National Federation of Amazigh Associations in Morocco

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